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Component Values

A common way to denote resistor values is shown below. This notation avoids using a decimal point, which may be mis-read on photocopied drawings or small components. It also avoids multiple zeroes that can be mis-counted and take up space. The general format is xQy where x is the integer part of the number, y is the fractional part and Q is a multiplier that shows the location of the decimal point. Multipliers are: R = 1, K = 1000, M = 1000000. Some examples:

ExampleResistor Value
100R100.0 x 1 = 100Ω
4K74.7 x 1000 = 4700Ω
1R1.0 x 1 = 1Ω
R10.1 x 1 = 0.1Ω
R010.01 x 1 = 0.01Ω
1M1 x 1000000 = 1000000Ω

A similar notation is often used for low voltages. Again it uses the format xVy where x and y are the integer and fractional parts and V shows the location of the decimal point. In Europe, the decimal comma is used instead of a decimal point and this notation avoids confusion by omitting the point or comma completely. There is no multiplier. So 3V3 means 3.3V, 1V8 means 1.8V.