I/O Performance

I was interested to find the I/O performance of the Pi when writing to different media: USB stick, SD card, Windows share. I wrote a program in C that creates a 100MiB file and then ran it and recorded its times with the time command. Since the Pi's Ethernet port runs at 100Mb, I wouldn't have expected any better performance than the 8.3MiB/s achieved.

MediaReal (Elapsed) timeUser timeSystem timeTransfer Rate
Network share (cable)12.03s0.38s3.37s8.3MiB/s
Network share (WiFi)44.88s0.36s3.96s2.2MiB/s
SD card10.48s0.95s3.00s9.5MiB/s
USB - TDK 4GB14.68s0.73s1.38s6.8MiB/s