Objective: implement a hardware reset facility (without having to disconnect or switch off the 5V supply)

Uses: no software

You will need: 2-way or 3-way (according to Pi model) 0.1" header and connecting leads, momentary contact switch, soldering iron and solder


When you have shutdown your Pi, it is not possible to restart it again without removing the 5V supply and then reconnecting it. Even though a micro-USB connector has a minimum rated lifetime of 10,000 cycles of insertion and removal I try to plug and unplug as little as possible. This solution allows you to restart your Pi without removing the power lead or otherwise switching off the supply.

Pi boards have an unpopulated 2-way or 3-way header, identified as explained below, that can be connected to a switch that when closed momentarily restarts the Pi from whatever state it was in - even shutdown. Each section below shows the location of the header for a variety of Pi versions.

A video by Alex Eames shows how to fit the header. Comments about the video might indicate that using this feature might invalidate warranty but the feature is explicitly explained in the Raspberry Pi archives here.

Schematic diagrams for all Pi models are available on the Raspberry Pi website.

Picture of Pi board with P6 connections

Model B Rev 2: header labelled P6.

Picture of Pi B+ board with RUN connections

Pi 2 Model B+ and Model 2: header labelled RUN located between the GPIO header and display connection.

Picture of Pi 3 B board with RUN connections

Pi 3 Model B: header labelled RUN located between the GPIO header and USB socket.

Picture of Pi 4 B board with RUN connections

Pi 4 Model B: the RUN/GLOBAL_EN header is located just below the Raspberry Pi logo and has three pins. From left to right they are RUN (pulled up to 3.3V with 10kΩ resistor), ground (unlabelled) and GLOBAL_EN (pulled up to 5V with 100kΩ resistor). Connecting GLOBAL_EN to ground (any GND pin) will restart the Pi 4 from a halted state. The pin is connected to the power management chip and pulling it low is similar to recycling the power. Although the RUN and GLOBAL_EN pins are at 3.3V and 5V respectively, they cannot be used to provide a supply to run fans, etc.

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B will remain in production until at least January, 2026

Schematic at