Downloading Files Direct To Your Pi

Downloading programs from the Internet can, at first sight, seem a problem to new Linux users. Do I put the file on my PC and try to set up some share to the Pi, or use a USB stick, or FTP it, or start the GUI environment and try it that way? Well, Linux comes with a utility called wget. You just type wget followed by the URL to the file you wish to download and that's it: it'll download to your current directory.

I wrote a Python script that uses the Ciseco Slice of Pi board to switch on and off some LEDs. The description of the circuit is here and you can download the program here from a browser, or use wget on the command line on your Pi so:


At the moment you have to use my ADSL's IP address because it forwards port 8080 to my Pi web server. This will change if I sort out a domain name and separate fixed IP.

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By default, wget downloads the file into your current directory and keeps the filename the same. If a file of the same name already exists, it does not overwrite it but appends .1 to it. A subsequent download will create .2, etc. For a full description of wget, refer to the manual pages.

man wget